Transfer Eligibility

This Eligibility page provides basic eligibility information, documents and/or presentations designed for Sac-Joaquin Section (SJS) member school administrators/athletic administrators and parents. School personnel and parents may also view all CIF and SJS Eligibility bylaws using the SJS website, which is located in the SJS Constitution and General Bylaws under Article 2 (200 series) and Article 5 (Bylaw 510) - these can be found under the "Goverance" tab.   

The most efficient method of communication with the SJS on eligibility questions is through your student-athlete’s athletic director or principal. Parents/guardians/caregivers calling the CIF on eligibility matters can create unnecessary delay. Coaches and parents must work with their school's ADs or principals to help determine a student-athlete’s eligibility.

The following link, provided by the State CIF, is a document that outlines the rules concerning transfer eligibility (Please review carefully)

Administrative Guidelines for Transfer Eligibility



All transfer students must submit transfer eligibility paperwork and be approved by the Section office BEFORE competing. No paperwork is required for incoming freshmen.

1. The SJS uses CIF Home, a web-based sysytem, to process transfer eligibility requests. The enrolling (new) school is responsible for initating the transfer eligibility request process and working with the transferring student/family to complete the process properly. Only students who have withdrawn from School "A" (former school) and have registered with; met with; selected their classes, for the new school year, and paid any deposit (private schol) at School "B" (enrolling/new school) may move forward with the electronic transfer eligibility form process. 
2. Enrolling student and family meet with the athletic administrator/athletic director of the enrolling (new) school and complete the "Parent-Student Certification Form" (PSCF), provided by the enrolling (new) school. A discussion between the athletic administrator/athletic director and student/family needs to take place to determine which electronic eligibility request form should be completed by the school athletic administrator/athletic director. (Important Notice: The completion of an incorrect electronic eligibility request form will delay the eligibility determination of the student as the athletic administrator/athletic director will be required to submit the correct electronic eligibility request form).
3. Electronic eligibility request forms received ("Pending CIF Response") between July 1 and August 1 will not be processed until August 1, at which time the 20 business day processing will take affect. All electronic eligibility waiver requests will be processed according to the following timeline:

A. Students planning to participate in a fall sport - August 1st and processed in date order.

B. Students planning to participate in a winter sport (but not a fall sport) - September 15th and processed in date order.

C. All other students seeking eligibility waivers - October 15th and processed in date order.

NOTE: This does not preclude SJS staff from working ahead of scheduled dates, but will priortize by season of sport, allowing fall athletes to be determined first.

4. SJS administrative staff, responsible for processing transfer eligibility requests and those who can answer any questions pertaining to transfer eligibility are as follows:
Will DeBoard, Assistant Commissioner ( - Schools A-E
Ryan Tos, Assistant Commissioner ( - Schools F-N
Michael Garrison, Commissioner ( - Schools O-Z, all "Hardship" requests, any requests involving potential violations of CIF Bylaw 510 and all 213-waiver requests.
NOTE: SJS staff may alter the above as deemed necessary and with no advance notice.



Arriving at any school or the SJS office unannounced (without an appointment) and expecting to meet with personnel to review, discuss or start the eligibility process is most likely not possible. Parents/Guardians/Caregivers must refrain from exerting any pressure on the former school to process waiver requests; instead they need to work with the enrolling (new) school throught he waiver request process.

The following links are tools for parents/guardian/caregivers regarding transfer eligibility:

Parent Handbook I - Understanding the Transfer Eligibility Procedure
Parent Handbook II - Understanding the Transfer Eligibility Appeal Process
Student Brochure - Your High School Eligibility
Parent-Student Certification Form (PSCF)



1. Student and family meet with the enrolling (new) school athletic administrator/athletic director (whomever is in charge of CIF waiver applications) and complete the "Parent-Student Certification Form."
2. Athletic administrator/athletic director will review with the student and family eligibility options, such as eligibility considered under CIF defined valid change of residence, or a transfer not considered a CIF defined valid change of residence.
3. Under a CIF defined valid change of residence (see Bylaw 206) the student may be approved for "Unlimited" residential eligibility, provided the application is true, complete, correct and not fraudulent (Bylaw 202); there is no disciplinary action (see Bylaw 209) in place or pending at the former school and there is no violation of CIF Bylaws 206 and 510 (undue influence or athletic motivation).
4. In a transfer that does involve a CIF defined valid change of residence (CIF Bylaw 207), students can be granted eligibilty ranging from "Unlimited" to "Limited" to the "Sit-Out" Provision, provided the application is true, complete, correct and not fraudulent (Bylaw 202); there is no disciplinary action (see Bylaw 209) in place or pending at the former school and there is no violation of CIF Bylaws 207 and 510 (undue influence or athletic motivation).  
5. Once the athletic administrator/athletic director determines which electronic eligibility request form is correct, they will complete the electronic form using CIF Home (only used by the CIF member school). 
6. If the student and family claim a CIF defined valid change of residence, prior to  submitting the electronic application to the SJS, the enrolling (new) school MUST verify that the student has actually made a valid change of residence from their previous school attendance area into a new school's attendance area, and are enrolling no later than the beginning of the next school year, following that move. Applications accepted by the SJS Office when a student has not made a CIF defined valid change of residence may result in ineligibility of the involved student and forfeiture of contests by the enrolling (new) school.   
7. Any documentation confirming that a CIF defined valid change of residence has taken place DOES NOT need to be submitted with the electronic application form. However, the enrolling (new) school is RESPONSIBLE to make sure that a CIF defined valid change of residence has occurred and the submitted application is complete, true, accurate, correct and without fraud.
8. For "Unlimited" eligibility based on a hardship circumstance, all related documentation must be attached and submitted with the electronic hardship waiver application, upon submission. The allowable hardships are included in CIF Bylaw 207.B.(5).c.(viii) (only those hardship circumstances listed may be considered). 
9. Parent-Student Certification Form (510 Pre-Enrollment Contact Affidavit) - Please note that parents, students, athletic administrators/athletic directors, principals and coaches should read all statements carefully to insure they are accurately signing these statements. All pre-enrollment contact of any nature, MUST be disclosed so that the SJS can determine the nature of the contact within the context of the language of CIF Bylaw 510. All parties are also encouraged to read CIF Bylaw 202-Accurate Information, as failure to disclose any information may cause a student-athlete to be declared ineligible for up to two-years and bring sanctions upon the enrolling (new) school.  
10. Processing of complete electronic applications ("Pending CIF Response") may take up to 20 business days from the date of receipt in the CIF/Sac-Joaquin Section Office. Athletes are NOT ELIGIBLE to particiapate in a contest in any sport until a determination by the SJS Office has been made and communicated to the enrolling (new) school. Students are allowed to practice if school and league rules allow.



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